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Jessica Jourdan

Jessica Jourdan is a social painting SUPERSTAR!  A busy mom of three, she understands your need to get out on the town and have some me-time!   Having hosted hundreds of events in Anchorage, Jessica knows how to bring the fun while delivering expert instruction.

In her own words:  “Growing up in Alaska, I understand the desire to get out and do something fun during the dark months! As a mother, I want to make sure the activity I choose on my night out is full of fun and great memories! I always enjoyed art growing up – especially painting – and now I get to enjoy it with YOU! Whether you are new to painting or an old pro looking for something fun, come out with us and paint the night away with me!”

Follow Jess on Facebook:  Create With Jess:  https://www.facebook.com/Create-with-Jess-106745027721764